Friday, May 11, 2012

Diggin' in the dirt

We are about to hit the road, head south, and do some celebrating over this fine Mother's Day weekend. But before we go I thought I stop in with some exciting news. I transplanted my seedling last night!

Here you see a garden bed with Lettuce, Kale, Spinach & Mesclun greens...
Here you see the same garden bed but this time it also five tomato plants (3 Roma, 1 Big Boy, 1 Black Pearl) and south of that line of string is a row of Brussels Sprout seeds. There are also two incredibly tiny, nearly invisible marigold plants in this bed. Turns out I am not so good at starting flowers from seed. 
Here you see garlic...
But here you see garlic AND (from left to right) 3 jalapeno plants, 3 bell pepper plants. In the bottom right corner I have also seeded two types of cucumbers. 

Oh the excitement! Oh the joy! Let summer begin. Happy Mother's Day!!! Be sure to give your mama a big kiss & tell her how amazing she is.

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