Thursday, April 5, 2012

Circle Scarf Madness

Anyone else notice all the cute circle scarfs out and about these days!?! I confess, I love them. They look so comfy and they wouldn't require readjusting throughout the day! I want one in every color! But I already have a millions scarfs seeing as how I wear them pretty much every day, whether its piping hot or freezing cold out. Not to mention, I have about 55 billion-katrillon things to spend my money on. Therefore, I decided my best option is to convert an old to scarf into a new scarf.

And luckily I have not one, but TWO green pashminas. I figured, if I totally botched this little makeover, I had a no worries. As it turns out this is ridiculously easy. All you need is a scarf, a sewing machine and one simple sewing technique -- the french seam. Here is what I did:

I snipped off the tassels.

Then I folded the scarf in half so the two ends lined up and stitched one straight line along the bottom. This scarf doesn't have an inside (wrong) versus an outside (right) so it did not matter which way I folded it together here, but if your fabric does have a right side and a wrong side, you want to start by sewing with the wrong sides together. 

To make the french seam work you will want to cut back the fabric as close to the hemed line as possible so that the seam is discreet when all is said and done.

Then you fold the scarf outwards so that you have the right sides facing and sew another single line along the edge. A french seam basically encases the raw edge of your first seam. That is all there is to it! This is a simple seam that I have used for a number of projects. Once you have it down, you will be surprised at how often you will find it useful. This illustration from the Sewing Cafe will hopefully help bring it all together if you still have questions.

And the finished product...

Cost = $0
Time = 10 minutes tops!
Easiest project ever! And I LOVE my new scarf.