Friday, April 27, 2012

Seedling Update - Day 41

It's been a while since I've updated you on our seedlings. In fact, it's been a month exactly since the last time you saw them. They looked like this...just little bitty sprouts.

But now, they are more like toddler seedlings:

The tomatoes have true leaves and are starting to smell like tomato plants. (I love that smell!) Against all odds the onions are still alive. The jalapenos and bell pepper plants are also doing well - they look like twins at this point, which I didn't really expect.  The marigold and lavender seedlings never turned into anything. No real loss I suppose as I didn't have high hopes for them. Oh, and if you recall during the lat update, when I mentioned how I had plans to start Brussels Sprout seeds, yay, that never happened. Opps.

I confess, I am shocked at how much bigger these plants are already than my seedlings ever were last year. Turns out, having a grow light, while not necessary, actually has HUGE benefits to starting seedlings indoors. Who would'a thunk it??

I have a wee tip for you that I learned last year about growing plants. See that little leaf I've got my hand on? You will want to yank those little guys off as the plant grows, this will allow the plant to put energy into getting bigger and stronger. If you prune your plants as they grow you will notice a bug difference in how much faster and stronger they grow up to be.

And since I am here, I thought you might also like an update on the garlic. Last time you saw them, they looked like this, little cuties.

And now! Hello!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

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