Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Update on Seedlings - Day 11

Just stopping in to provide a little update on the seedlings, I know you are dying to hear how their first 11 days have been. 

TOMATOES: As I suspected, the tomatoes are coming in strong and are leading in the height category. Tomatoes grow faster at the get-go than anything else I have ever planted. One of the many reasons they are so awesome. I have three types of tomatoes going right now, and none of them seem to be any better off than the others. Sadly a few of the tomato plants were brutally ripped out of the soil by an over sized beast named Luna, she is now suffering a quarantine from the seed babies. 

JALAPENOS:  Since this is my first year with the Jalapeno’s I didn’t know what to expect, but almost all of them have already popped up. And they are adorable. I love them so much and am looking forward to eating many many of their offspring.

RED ONION: Funny/Annoying/Unfortunate thing, in my last post on the subject I remarked that I did not have a great time growing onions last year. In fact, I never even transplanted them. I seeded them again this year, same packet of seeds even, to see if I would have better luck.

Well, I read this week that growing onions from seed is REALLY DIFFICULT.  The best advice seems to be starting onions from sets and not seed, until you get a few strong years in, and then if you are dying to grow them from seeds, try again. I am not sure just yet how I will deal with this. It’s still early enough to consider multiple options. Perhaps I will be back later with a post solely dedicated to ‘The Onion’. Perhaps not.

BELL PEPPERS: I am just starting to see the first bit of life from the bell peppers. I am hopeful that this years addition of a grow light will give them a leg up from last year. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know.

MARIGOLDS: Only two seedlings have sprouted. And they don’t look super happy. I am not too worried about this, as they were free seeds. And growing plants from seeds isn't my passion. Additionally, I think I am having “self-watering” issues on this side of the tray—due to a disintegrating water 
mat—but have been supplementing with a spray bottle, which is good practice anyway. Time will tell.

LAVENDER: Nada. As in, did I plant those, or was that a dream?? Maybe next week.

I still have three empty rows on the tray open and begging for seeds. Last year, I started my cucumbers indoors, even though the packaging said I could direct sow, and I think I will perhaps do this again.  Why not give a head start, right?

Additionally, I just read last night in John Seymour's The Self-Sufficient Gardener (Shout out to Gackles for the recommendation!) t
hat Brussels sprouts do well from transplanting and have increased flavor when they experience a frost or two. (This frost business is also true for Kale). So I think I will start those now as well.

I could go on, but I think I will leave it there for now and hit you up again later with more seedling chatter.


  1. That grow light looks interesting...anything interesting to share about how that came about???

    1. Funny you should ask. I have some excellent photos of a strapping gentleman building me the very grow light pictured above!