Friday, March 16, 2012

Blue Spray Paint Magic

Remember this? Well, I am back to give you the rest of the story. 

This project has actually been in the works for quite some time now. According to Pinterest, it was a whopping 29 weeks ago when I originally pinned this & this:

Our house may not be very big, but we have lots of empty walls and a tight budget, so this project seemed perfect for two  reasons:

1. I could make it myself with items I (would eventually) have on hand - i.e. the price is right!
2. I could hang it on the wall without immense amounts of commitment or effort, which is good for our plaster walls and my "I hope this doesn't look cheap/crappy" concerns about the project over all.

So, for the last 26 weeks or so I have been hoarding tp rolls in a spare dresser like a nut-job. Once I had enough rolls, the only other items I needed to tackle this job were scissors, glue and clothes pins.

Check. Check. Check.

Oh, and a big empty wall haunting me with it's plainattude. (Yes, I just made that word up. Get it? Plain + Attitude = Plainattude.)


I cut up all the tp rolls into strips; on average I got about four or five pieces per roll. If you do this, know that you do not need to be too particular about the size as you can just trim as you go. Besides, slightly different sizes gives a little added texture in the end. And then I played around with the arrangement till I liked the way it looked.

Glue and pin in place as you see fit.

I worked on this project over the course of at least one full season of 'How I Met Your Mother'. If you are like me and find that you need to keep saving up more tp rolls as you go, you may feel like this project will never end. It will! Persevere!

Remember how I said different size tp rolls would add texture? My only disclaimer, if you try this at your home, is that you will want to make sure the original "bottom" side remains the bottom each time you work on it again. As, the flat side will lay much better on your wall, when all is said and done.

I made two of these in order to fill the wall up. The one kept going and going -- and got a little out of hand. (Kitty found this size issue very concerning and much prefers the smaller one, just as I do.)

Now for the fun part. Spray paint! I have actually never used spray paint before, but found it surprisingly easy, if not a bit slow. Perhaps, I was just anxious to get on with it already!

There are about a gazillion nooks and crannies on these damn things, so I sprayed one side, turned it 90 degrees, sprayed, turned, spray, turn and so on.  I sprayed three coats on the "top" side for a nice thick all encompassing color.


The bottom side needs to be sprayed too, as you can see here...

and here...

It's worth the wait though, because then you end up with this...

And FINALLY! The stairwell changes from this...

To this!

Here is a, slightly grainy/blurry, close up view...

And the "I'm standing at the bottom of the stairs" view. 
(This photo is also the most accurate representation of the colors in real life....)

Thank you to Pinterest for the inspiration! And to all the other DIY bloggers out there who are obsessed with Pinterest too!

Oh, and in case you were wondering what the rest of stairwell looks like, it also has major plainattude. But don't worry, we are working on it...