Monday, March 12, 2012

Location Love

As most of you know, I grew up in the great state of Illinois but left to try out Minnesota for undergrad. After college I returned to Illinois with my then finance and we settled into the crapiest little apartment we could find in Roscoe Village. We stayed on in Chicago for three years, moved on to the BEST apartment in Andersonville, did a lot exploring, riding of the L, eating out -primarily in little Saigon and most importantly we met some amazing people. It was hard to leave. And four years later, I still miss the heck out of that place.

The point here is, I love any and all art work that reminds me of places I love. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to “Location Love”. (Yes, I am yet another one of your bloggers who is OBSESEED with Pinterest.) So when I find things like this, via LilyGene on etsy:

Or this, from here:

I make sure to keep it on my radar for inspiration, general swooning and potential future crafting.

But today we focus on this:

Oh! My! I LOVE this poster! I bought it years ago, when we departed sweet home Chicago.
I have been on a hunt for an equally awesome representation of our current city, St. Paul, but it hasn't been easy! 

Luckily, the folks over at Ork Posters have been busy! And when I stopped by their site at the end of last week, I found this new addition:

Sweet heavenly delight, I purchased it on the spot. And I am so happy! 


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    1. Is that so? Keep an eye out, I have something awesome in store for you!