Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little Shelf

When our neighbors sold their house last summer, we ended up with boxes of random sh*t. One of them was this little shelf. I held on to it because of it's size. But it wasn't much to look at, so it sat in our basement, until a few weeks ago. 
I decided to give it a little face lift, so that I would actually want to put it on display somewhere in the house. I covered it in two coats of white primer, and then gave it a coat of white spray paint.
The only problem was that, not having used spray paint much before I bought a flat white (as opposed to matte of gloss) after putting it on the shelf I really didn't like the look of it much. You don't really get the feel of it here, but flat paint has a bit of a rough, dry look and feel to it. I wanted a more polished look.
The good news is, you can buy a clear spray polish to go over just about anything at your local craft store and that does the trick real well. Then last weekend while I was in the office/sewing /imagination station room ironing a few items, it occurred to me that it would be helpful to have my little shelf around to set my iron on when I wasn't using it. We put to little hooks on the back, I pounded some nails into this book shelf my father built for me in the 5th grade and ta-da!
I have no idea why half this picture looks all soft and fuzzy and the other half looks normal, in real life it all looks normal. You should come over and check it out. And below is a blurry before photo I happened to have around which I only share so you can understand where the ironing hangs out. 
Yeah, that is a cat up to no good. 
Oh, it is so helpful!
It always feels good using what you have to make your space a little more functional. Even tiny tweaks get me excited, as you can see!!

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